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Purchase an automatic standby generator from our local Rochester stock and receive a RTSY200 SE Transfer Switch for only $300.

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This special price is only good for in-stock RTSY200 SE switches sold WITH an in-stock permanent standby generator.

generator installation training available
  •  Please let us know if you or any of your crew needs installation training. We have a training center in the lower level of our building, with actual products on display. We would be happy to help train your crew. Contact us for details.
  • We offer basic generator installation training as well as more advanced detailed technical equipment training. 
  • We can also share with you some of our online training resources, which you can use to learn from home.

contractor and electrician tips and ticks for generator installers
  1. Keep your customers happy by never tracking through their house. The cheap throw-away booties are a great way to protect their carpets, and protect your relationship. Otherwise, put down tarps.
  2. Make sure that when your customer is within earshot that your crew never uses words or phrases such as: "Whoops!",  "Uh-oh!", "Oh, $%&*#@*!" Instead, words like “Perfect” are going to work in your favor a lot better. (Then, when the customer is gone, you can figure out and fix whatever went wrong.)

backup generator wholesale prices better power

As a business owner and installer of generators it is important to me to partner with a supplier that enhances and compliments my offerings. The Better Power team makes that extra effort to review each bid, make constructive suggestions to enhance my product offering and is up front about real savings to pass along to the customer. The only way that I could get better service from them would be to have them on my own payroll. Give them a try and you will see that I am right.
— Mike Falk - Owner of Falk Electric