WiFi Range Extenders

WiFi Range Extenders

Generac Air-Cooled standby units now come with built-in WiFi. This allows for easy activation and seamless remote monitoring. But what if you have to install the generator too far away from your customer’s wireless router or hotspot? We cover the basics of WiFi range extenders and put together a short list of top-rated devices that can help bridge the gap.

Selling Backup Power in the Wake of Disaster

Selling Backup Power in the Wake of Disaster

Even though New York State was spared from the devastation of recent weather events like Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Maria, we’re inundated every day by the incredible damage we see on the news. The harrowing stories of flooding, wind damage, and power outages remind us of Superstorm Sandy, and other Northern anomalies that have wreaked havoc on our homes, businesses, and infrastructure in the past.

New Warehouse Location

In order to better service our customers, we are moving our local warehouse inventory to a new location. It's just across the street from our old location, but the switch comes with a number of benefits, including shorter wait times, longer hours, and easier access.The new warehouse will be open from 7:30am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday.

Storm Season is Coming!

Hurricane season officially runs from June 1st through November 30th, though it is not unusual for major storms to occur outside of this time frame. Last season we saw Hurricane Alex in January and Tropical Storm Bonnie in late May.

Unfortunately, while the number of storms is somewhat predictable, their paths are nearly impossible to forecast until they get started. That’s why it’s so important for us on the East Coast to be prepared, no matter what.  

We’ve created a customizable emergency checklist that you can share with your customers to encourage emergency preparedness while simultaneously promoting your business.

What is Electricity?

What in the world is electricity? 

And where does it go after it leaves the toaster? 

Here is a simple experiment that will teach you an important electrical lesson: On a cool, dry day, scuff your feet along a carpet, then reach your hand into a friend's mouth and touch one of his dental fillings. Did you notice how your friend twitched violently and cried out in pain? This teaches us that electricity can be a very powerful force, but we must never use it to hurt others unless we need to learn an important electrical lesson.